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Hai! I'm back! My computer and it's wire were in seperate houses for like two or three weeks so... my computer died. :ohnoes: Anyway I found my own wire again so yay! I should have drawings in if I remember correctly... if so they'll be up as soon as I'm done writing this. And since I'm already writing well happy finals week! After that we won't have school anymore! Yah! Well, in secondary school anyway. I don't know about other schools. Anyway; yay!


Ok bye now. 

  • Listening to: Just One Yesterday-Fall Out Boy
  • Reading: Listening to:, Reading:, Watching:, and such
  • Watching: Bob's Burgers (?!)
  • Playing: The game of removing nail polish by scratching it
  • Eating: Dry spaghetti :3
  • Drinking: Water forevaah!!!


Erin McMahon
No one said it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.
Fun facts (wtf):
#1: I welcome every deviant that's less than one week old that I can find.
#2: I love to embarass my friends in public :mwahaha:
#3: I love Naruto (not the character, the series) :) :icondeidarakunplz:
#4: My friends are discouraged because I love Naruto, 'tis their problem.

#5: I also love Death Note :D
#6: My friends think I'm sadistic 'cause I love Death Note (I didn't explain it well, I mostly focused on Kira/murders/L :heart: )
#7: I'm from Saint-Germain [de Grantham] (near Drummondville, in Quebec, in Canada, in North America, on Earth, in the Solar system, in the Milky way, in the Universe)
#8: I'm bilingual (french-english)

#9: I have double jointed elbows
#10: I can dislocate my left thumb at will (yay for freaking people out!:happybounce:)
#11: I have juvenile arthritus.
#12: I joined dA when I was 12.
#13: About once a month I go through a batch of tutorials, I don't know why; it doesn't change my style at all :P
#14: At elementary school the bullies called me McMuffin... how dumb is that? Actually, don't answer that...

#15: I'm the slender type (especially my hands and feet; hands: height: 18,5 cm. width[below the thumb]: 8.5 cm, feet: height: 24 cm. width[under the toes]: 8 cm
#16: When bored, I do useless stuff, see #15 >_>
#17: I'm a sucker for dark hair @.@ and a few accents... (I can still find a blond guy cute, but it only happened once, in kindergarten. >.>)
#18: I freaking love freaky stuff! :tighthug:
#19: I just noticed my head tilts to my right on its own... Trying to straigthen it makes it feel really heavy.

#20: Hypothesis for tilting head: my hair covers my right eye, maybe it's to clear it out. Or my right leg is shorter (about half an inch) so it might ony be gravity... even though that doesn't necessarily make sense...
#21: I'm really confused about the tilting head thing...
#22: I love Assassin's Creed!
#23: I'm frickin' lazy.
#24: I swear like a sailor in the non-virtual world, but only when my mom isn't there...
#25: Some of my friends are boys, but that does not make them my boyfriends! (if it did I'd be one heck of a player)
#26: P.-S.: #25 was adressed to people qho can't understand how a boy and a girl can only be friends, eg: my friends -.-'
#27: My right side is unlucky (burned wrist, broken arm, arthritus-cursed knee, scraped finger(by which I mean badly scraped finger), multiple twisted ankles and finaly: twisted wrist, which f*cking hurts) but I'm right-handed, I believe that's called compensation.
#28: I lurve Kuroshitsuji! Sebastian is, of course awesome, but Grell is epic!!! Bloody red shinigami! Ciel is is just annoying. So is Elizabeth.



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